ECPYN’s Winter School 2013 coming up – winter mission to accomplish!

ECPYNlogo100bij100donderdag 10 januari 2013 18:33

Fed up with the tulips, windmills and Dutch clogs when it comes to the Netherlands? So what about a military operation area of the Royal Dutch army when it comes to Christian morality in politics?

Well, what is in common in these two is an adventurous place in the law lands, the energetic city of Soest offering not only military troops for regular army manoeuvres but hosting this time also troops of young Christian activists from all over Europe to attend ECPYN’s winter school 2013 coming up this February. In the fusillade of increasing secularism and liberal views in our continent we rally together to put Christian ethics into action focusing on morality issues in European politics to learn, share, apply and enjoy our views and values.

No worries, training and equipment will be on your action list: state-of-art lectures, experience-filled workshops and a political café to follow. However we won’t just idle in the trenches, a scouting mission to the headquarters of Dutch politics in the Hague will be waiting for our brigade to be accomplished.

So if you are a future Christian leader / activist we want you to join our team until 15 January.

Just grab your parachute, send your application and get prepared to jump, see you at the base in Soest!

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